You Make Trends

Don't be a follower.

Forget online.

Be real.

Be part of your true life community.


Pick your tribe.

Make a statement

The birth.

Back in 2018, a French mother of 2 who had been living in many countries and cities through the world (and counting), decided to create a brand to get back to reality and reconnect with her tribe(s).

The feeling of being disconnected from the true life and real world is real for all of us.

The brand.

We all belong to many tribes, some are part of where we are, what we do, what we like (or don't !).

But one thing is for sure : we are all UNIQUE.

Each of us goes where there is no path and leaves a trace.

We all make trends.

The world.

Our company is located in the USA, in Palm Beach, FL.

We are always looking for new ideas and products to launch.

Please, tell us about your tribe and let's connect all your peers.

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